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PU pays rich tribute to renowned physicist Dr Muhammad Saleem
PU pays rich tribute to renowned physicist Dr Muhammad Saleem

LAHORE: (Thursday, April 28, 2016): Punjab University on Thursday organized a condolence reference to pay rich tribute to renowned internationally acclaimed physicist, former PU Dean Faculty of Science and founder of Centre for High Energy Physics Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem at Al Raazi Hall. PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, former PU VC Sheikh Imtiaz Ali, Dr Khawaja Muhammad Zakria, Ihsan Ullah Waqas, Prof Maqsood Anwar Butt, Dr Jamil Anwar, Dr Muhammad Ali, Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhary, faculty members and a large number of students were present on the occasion.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Mujahid Kamran said that Dr Saleem was his teacher who urged him to join teaching profession. He said that Dr Muhammad Saleem was the best teacher and he used to teach difficult topics in the way that students could understand easily. He said that Dr Saleem used to present summary of his previous lecture in start of his lecture and then used to tell the students what they were going to study on that day. He said that later, in the middle of the lecture, Dr Saleem used to summarize the delivered lecture and in the end, he used to summarize the whole lecture. He said that Dr Saleem was an organized person and there was consistency in his personality. He said that he used to read books on different topics and groomed his students and he always encouraged young people. He said that he participated in the politics because of his ideological commitment and he took part in university politics when he felt that anti-Islamic forces were growing stronger in the university. He said that Dr Saleem also played important role in setting up federation of teachers representing all the universities. He said that Dr Saleem used to wear white bow shirt and grey or light brown pant.

He said that Dr Saleem wrote various books on various topics and he wrote books till his last breath. He said that he promoted research culture in the university and did not make money during his career. Addressing the ceremony, Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami said that he was one of the few scientists who not only had vast knowledge of their relevant field but had deep affiliation with literature and other social subjects as well. He said that Dr Saleem surprised everybody by writing books on Dara Shikoh, Qauid-e-Azam, Allam Iqbal and Maulana Shibli. He said that his book on Quaid-e-Azam was so comprehensive that he used to recommend this book and every student must read his book on the Father of the Nation. He said that the life of Dr Saleem gave us the message that despite being scientists, we must not disassociate ourselves from our culture and heritage. Former Vice Chancellor of Punjab University Sheikh Imtiaz Ali said that when he was the vice chancellor, he had some prejudices regarding Dr Saleem’s involvement in politics. He said that Dr Muhammad Saleem was a lecturer at that time and there was a vacancy of associate professor to be filled. He said that he referred his research work for evaluation to two top physicists of the world and one was a Nobel laureate and the other one was from Royal Society based in United Kingdom. He said that during the meeting of the selection board, the recommendations of the foreign experts were opened. He said that the American physicist had mentioned in his letter that the research work of Dr Saleem was of the level that he could teach in any American university as “professor” while the other expert had also praised Dr Saleem’s work. He said that after reading these wonderful recommendations, he stood up during the meeting of the selection board and said that he was proud of Dr Saleem that he was teaching in Punjab University. He said that after these recommendations, his prejudices were removed. Dr Khawaja Muhammad Zakria said that Dr Muhammad Saleem played his role for introducing democracy in Academic Staff Association. He said that he was centre of the politics of right wing and organized the group. He said that Dr Saleem was not fond of wealth and popularity. He said that it was not exaggeration but the fact that Dr Saleem had learnt thousands of verses by heart and he used to deliver stanzas as per situation. Addressing the ceremony, Dr Jamil Anwar said that Dr Saleem advised us to become a good teacher. He said that his sense of humor was excellent and he never used unethical words. He said that he was also known for his memorable hospitality. Dr Muhammad Ali said that Dr Saleem could debate on every topic. He said that he used to involve students by asking questions during his lecture to maintain their interest. He said that he did not take money for teaching M Phil students in Space Sciences after his retirement. He said that he always encouraged and respected junior faculty members and used to give money to lower grade employees for small works. He said that he had firm believe in Allah. Mr Ehsan Ullah Waqas said that Dr Saleem was a brave man and used to face difficulties with courage. He said that Dr Muhammad Saleem, Dr Mujahid Kamran and Dr Khalid Alvi were politically victimized and transferred during Bhutto’s era but they did not surrender and faced the situation. He said that Dr Muhammad Saleem had excellent writing skills in Urdu, Arabic, Persian and English languages. He said that such great people must be respected and valued in our society. Prof Maqsood Anwar Butt said Dr Saleem used to participate in the moments of grief and pleasure of everybody. He said that a few negative people who benefited from Dr Saleem also created hurdles for him. However, he said, Dr Mujahid Kamran had fulfilled his duty as his student by appointing him as Professor Emeritus in the university.