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PU ICS graduation ceremony full dress rehearsal held, ceremony today (Saturday)
PU ICS graduation ceremony full dress rehearsal held, ceremony today (Saturday)

Enthusiast students eagerly await event
LAHORE: Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) Punjab University first ever graduation ceremony will confer degrees on 265 students on today (Saturday). In this regard, a full dress rehearsal of graduation ceremony was also organized on Friday.
PU VC will award the degrees whereas renowned journalists, graduating students and faculty members to participate the ceremony.
The ceremony will award 39 medals will be distributed among the shining students whereas 39 students of BS (Hons) 2010-14, 49 students of MSc Communication Studies (morning), 63 MSc Communication Studies (Replica), 85 MSc Development Journalism and 29 students of MSc Film and TV.
ICS was the first Department of Journalism in the Indo-Pak subcontinent when established in 1941. Its nomenclature was changed in 1985 from Journalism Department to Mass Communication Department. In 2006 it was promoted as Institute of Communication Studies (ICS).
There was an enthusiasm among graduating students about the first ever ceremony to mark the achievements of students since its inception. Speaking on occasion, a student Ali Arshad said, “its an honour for me to be a part of the first ever ceremony of ICS as many of my seniors were unable to achieve this milestone.” He was of the view that organizing such events means that the institute is acknowledging student's hard work.
Another student Aardish Muzafar said that she was excited about the ceremony as she always wished to receive the degree with an honour. Everyone can get degree after completing education but when you are invited by the department where you were studying, such times are memorable for whole life, she added.
Veteran journalists, parents of students and PU faculty member will also participate the event.
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