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PU CAD organizes memorial reference
PU CAD organizes memorial reference

LAHORE: (Tuesday, May 17, 2016): Punjab University College of Art and Design has organized a memorial reference of Mrs. Zubeda Javed at Anna Molka Gallery of the College. Mrs. Javed was born in 1937 at Aligarh and she breathed her last in Lahore on 20 November, 2015. The reference has been attended by many of her students, colleagues, friends and family members. The principal of the College Prof. Dr. Shahida Manzoor shared her feelings about the deceased mentor and paid her the gratitude that she deserved. Dr. Shaukat Mahmood (Maxim), Dr. Musarrat Hassan and Prof. Hassan Shahnawaz Zaidi shared their thoughts and memories in context with Mrs. Zubeda Javed, Muhammad Javed of Coopera Art Galleries, Dr. Murtaza Jafri (Prncipal NCA), and Dr. Safia Farooq also spoke about various aspects of the artist. Mrs. Javed, served the Fine Arts Department, now the College of Art and Design, as Chairperson as well as a wonderful teacher. Moreover, she is well acclaimed as a matchless conceptual Landscape painter who inspired a whole generation of new artists. This Memorial Reference was coordinated by Mrs. Naela Amir and conducted by Mr. Nadeem Alam. A large number of students, teachers and art lovers attended the reference and prayed for the eternal peace of Mrs. Zubeda Javed.