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Sir Syed provided beacon of hope, modernity, scientific approach: PU VC
Sir Syed provided beacon of hope, modernity, scientific approach: PU VC

LAHORE: (Friday, April 7, 2017): Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir has said that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan provided the beacon of hope, modernity and scientific approach and we have to establish educational institutions as a seat of learning and character building. He was addressing a seminar organized by Pakistan Study Centre titled "Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the Two Nation Theory" at Al Raazi Hall here on Friday. Great grandson of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Mr Syed Muhammad Asadullah, Director Pakistan Study Centre Prof. Dr. Massarrat Abid, Chief Editor Daily Pakistan Mujeeb ur eRehman Shami, eminent columnist Mr. Qayum Nizami, Prof. Dr. Saadat Hassan Saeed, and Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla were the keynote speakers while a large number of faculty members and students were present on the occasion.

Addressing the seminar, Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir said that the spirit of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s message clearly guided us even today to put all our energies to make this nation the great one among the comity of nations. He said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan primarily focused on the character building of the youth. He was of the view that better educated youth with the strong personality characteristics could transform the destiny of a nation. He said that we should promote quality education and research culture in our educational institutions in the light of teachings of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. He said that a conducive environment for knowledge and education must prevail in the educational institutions. Syed M. Asadullah Khan, great grandson of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, explained Sir Syed’s vision about character building of the youth. He said that Sir Syed promoted interfaith harmony and unity at Aligarh and he also believed in the unity among various communities. He said that the youth of today’s Pakistan could adopt Syed Ahmad’s teachings and could become a successful Pakistanis. He said that morality and Islamic traditions should be adopted by the young ones. He said that the parents should also play their role in training of their children. He said that Sir Syed brought revolution in the lives of the Muslims of India with modern education and moderation. Eminent journalist Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami, Editor Daily Pakistan, threw light on the services of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. he said that Sir Syed’s foresighted leadership well understood that in case of western democracy in India, Muslims would come under perpetual subjugation of Hindu majority. He emphasized that sub-continent was heterogeneous where various nations were living. He said that Sir Syed proposed right of separate electorate for the Muslims to safeguard their rights which ultimately paved the way for creation of Pakistan. He said that he truly founded the foundation of separate state for the Muslims. Prof. Dr. Iqbal Chawala said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was truly one of the founders of Pakistan and he did not oppose the Congress out rightly rather he opposed its policies and demands. He said that in case of parliamentary democracy in India, the Muslims were to lose their interests. He said that Sir Syed was not against democracy but he did not support the system in which his nation was going to affect permanently. He feared Hindu Raj in case of acceptance of congress demands. He wanted Muslims to remain aloof from the politics and to spend all their energies to impart modern education. He said that in 1894 before Simla deputation, he had proposed right of separate electorate for the Muslims to guard them against permanent majority of the Hindus. Prof. Dr. Massarrat Abid in her welcome address highlighted the great contribution of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in uplifting the Muslims of the sub-continent. Like Jinnah, she said, Sir Syed played a significant role in altering the destinies of the Muslims of this sub-continent. “He was a great thinker, historian, writer, social and political leader. His political vision and socio-political services to the Muslims have left permanent imprints on the lives of the Muslims. He was a great Muslim leader of all times. He established bridges between the British and the Muslims. He tried to convince Muslims to get modern education because he well understood that without scientific approach no society would be able to come out of distress and dismay. Initially he was in favour of Hindu Muslim Unity but due to extremist approach of Hindus, he changed his mind. He foresaw the winding of the gulf between the two communities with the passage of time,” Dr Massarrat Abid said. Mr. Qayum Nizami, eminent columnist and author, highlighted the practical approach of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for the solutions of the problems of the Muslims. He said that education was Sir Syed’s top priority and he forbade Muslims to join congress otherwise they would lose their identity. Dr. Sadat Hassan Saeed, distinguished professor of Urdu at GC University Lahore also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in promotion of modernity and forward approach in the minds of the Muslims.