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Session on: “Psychometrics at Workplace” by Mr. Manzar Bashir–Occupational Psychologist
Session on: “Psychometrics at Workplace” by Mr. Manzar Bashir–Occupational Psychologist

Personality & Behaviours are two important traits which become the basis of a person's conduct & success in life. Getting to know one's aptitude and approach towards life determines one's working style that further helps in personal & professional arena and assist in making choices.
Psychometric testing is an emerging concern of recruiters to select the right workforce that can add value to the organizational goals. With the significance of this concern, a talk by Mr. Manzar Bashir, an occupational psychologist and MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) certified expert from British Psychological Society (BPS), was specially organized by the office of Career Advisory & External Linkages (CAEL) for Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) students on "Psychometrics at workplace". The aim was to equip students with an important aspect of recruitment & selection process that involve the psychometric testing of candidates thus preparing fresh graduates for transition to workplace. In particular, he shared details about MBTI & Big Five Assessments.
Students took keen interest in the learning session and participated with lot of questions which were gracefully answered by the speaker. Session was concluded by Ms. Zahra Paul - course instructor with presentation of bouquet to the guest as a token of appreciation.