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Sessions on Peace Building and Tolerance at Institute of Administrative Sciences
Sessions on Peace Building and Tolerance at Institute of Administrative Sciences

LAHORE: (Thursday, October 5, 2017): With the advent of peace & tolerance initiatives taken by University of the Punjab in collaboration with CHANGE (Center for Health & Gender Equality), series of sessions organized for BS Management students by Mr. Zeeshan Hanif – Lecturer at Institute of Administrative Sciences and Mr. Hassaan Bin Saadat – Faculty member at College of Earth & Environmental Sciences. These lectures are the second phase of the series. In the first phase, nominated faculty members from all over the University were given trainings on the same initiative so that they can impart the learning to their students. The speakers engaged the students to think upon the values that lead to peace and tolerance in a society. Numerous concepts were shared by students including but not limited to; acceptance to all forms of diversity, equity, freedom of thought and speech and positivity. Further, students were involved in discussion on ‘extremism’; what paradigms of thought & action relates to extremist behaviors and how can these be avoided through knowledge gained from educational institutions. Special emphasis was made on the root cause of extremist behaviors, i.e. lack of quality communication of individuals with their family members, peers and teachers/supervisors in social and educational settings. Students were advised to have open conversations at university with the spirit of tolerating the others’ view point to promote harmony. Further, twelve student volunteers were picked on voluntary basis. These volunteers will be provided training by CHANGE on peace building initiatives and social action projects. The session brought to light, the awareness and significance of peace and tolerance at individual as well as institutional levels to bring a positive change in the society. The session was coordinated by representatives from CHANGE and Ms. Sameen Zaki – Manager for Career Advisory & External Linkages at Institute of Administrative Sciences. Towards the end, lunch was served to all students and administrative team by CHANGE.