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Tender Notice for Procurement of Various Laboratory Equipments
Tender Notice for Procurement of Various Laboratory Equipments

Sealed bids are invited by University of the Punjab from the firms/ contractors registered with GST & NTN on single stage two envelop basis for the following descriptions.
Sr. No.
Tender Fee
Procurement of Various Laboratory Equipments (Gas Chromatograph, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer, XRF, Dilatometer, Volumetric Titrator, Pellet Tester, Vapour Pressure Analyzer, Low Temperature Viscosity Bath, Tri-Gauge Viscosity Comparator, Multi Filtration Tester, Micro Carbon Residue Tester, Existent Gum Solid Block Bath, Thin Film Apparatus, Sulphur Lamp Method Unit, Shell 4-Ball Tester, Presure Hydrometer Apparatus, Schilling Effusiometer, Stainless Steel Sampling Can, Pressure Calibrator, Octane / Cetane Analyzer etc.)
Institute of Energy & Environmental Engineering
Free of Cost
Detailed specifications, terms & conditions are available in the Bid Documents which can be downloaded immediately from the website of PPRA or Punjab University. In case of any query, guidance can be sought from Procurement Wing, 2nd Floor, Admin Block Quaid-e-Azam Campus Lahore (Tel: 042-99233105).
Bids should reach in the office of the Treasurer (Procurement Wing) Main Admin Block along with bid security @ 2% of estimated price by 24-11-2020 at 09:45(a.m.), which will be opened in the Committee Room of P & D Wing First Floor Accounts Department Main Admin Block on the same date at 10:15 (a.m.) in the presence of bidders , who wish to attend the meeting.