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PU faculty member honored
PU faculty member honored

LAHORE: (Tuesday, November 7, 2023): Punjab University Deputy Director ORIC, Co-Principal Investigator of RSGCRL and Associate Professor of Space Science Dr Khalid Mahmood presented at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, aiming at Tackling Global Water Challenges. Based on his research he presented groundbreaking advancements in space technology for monitoring global surface water quality and developing space-based solutions for flood and drought control. He showcased a comprehensive space-based solution, shedding light on the potential of space technology to address pressing environmental challenges. Following the presentation, Dr Mahmood engaged in a hands-on discussion with top-tier scientists from across the globe, working collaboratively to refine and enhance the proposed solutions. According to Dr Mahmood this was an unparalleled opportunity to highlight the advancements being made at the University of the Punjab.