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MMG, PU celebrates International Women’s Day; March 8, 2018
MMG, PU celebrates International Women’s Day; March 8, 2018

March8, International Women’s Day was celebrated in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. The program intended to honor the women, in particular, of Pakistan, who paved path towards our progress and struggled to lift the flag of feminism. Prof. Dr. Shahida Hasnain was invited as a chief guest. The program commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Rehan followed by Naat in the beautiful voice of Mehak Gul. Hina Khan, hosted the ceremony, commented that history has not been a straight line. Although past societies had women who were warriors and political leaders; there were times when women were treated inferior to men. But the most remarkable women did the most spectacular things, even in the darkest days and the list of great names in the history of world, history of Islam, and the history of Pakistan is by no means exhaustive. A documentary prepared by Bs1, dignified the struggle of Pakistani women through the time span from Fatima Jinnah to present day personalities in building a better country. Prof. Dr. Anjum Nasim Sabri, Chairperson Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department, advised the girl students to keep moving forward with complete dedication to achieve their goals. Prof. Dr. Sabri commented, “Even if we observe the trend in our department, more girl students get enrolled each year based on merit. This proves the hard work, dedication and commitment women of today are having for better self and better future.” The atmosphere became further emotional when a documentary made by MSc-4 (Amna Arif, Maham Akram and Sahib Noor) highlighting the mottos of the most influential personalities of Pakistan made everyone’s eyes watery. In the end the chief guest Prof. Dr. Shahida Hasnain laid emphasis on significance on honesty as being the most ultimate rule to adopt for a successful career. Deligence, principle and firm believe in Allah are the virtues to adapt, Prof. Dr. Shahida Hasnain commented while wishing girls the best of luck for their future. The students then took a round of the hallway to observe the bulletein boards. The organizing committee comprising Dr. Zakia Latif, Dr. Nageen Hussain, Dr. Samreen Riaz, Ms. Maryam Fakhar and Ms. Hera Naheed Khan were congratulated by Prof. Dr. Sabri for the successful event.