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PU Library receives four new personal collections of books
PU Library receives four new personal collections of books

LAHORE: (Friday, July 20, 2018): The book collection of Punjab University Library has further enriched by the addition of four new personal collections of (late) Prof. Dr. Aftab Asghar, Chief Librarian PU Library Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani, renowned scholar (late) Muhammad Aalam Mukhtar e Haq and distinguished Prof. in Iqbal Studies, Dr. Syed Muhammad Akram Ikram. According to Chief Librarian Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani, these collections are consisted of more than twenty five thousands (25000) very precious, rare and valuable books, manuscripts and journals. He said that especially the collections of Muhammad Aalam Mukhtar e Haq and Prof. Dr. Aftab Asghar have treasure of books on Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, mysticism, history, biographies, literature, manuscripts in Persian and reference sources. He said that being the largest and oldest library of Pakistan was not only satisfying the intellectual and scholarly thirst of information seekers but contributing in the development of reading habits also. He said that besides, it was engaged in training of research scholars for avoiding plagiarism, citation software and searching techniques. He said that PU Library was known for holding the personal collections of more than 30 renowned personalities and men of letters like Hafiz Mahmood Shirani, Maulana Muhammad Husain Azad, Percival, A. C. Woolner, Hakim Muhammad Musa Amritsari, Mian Muhammad Jamil Sharaqpuri, Maqbool Ahmad Dehlvi, Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Mujadadi and many more.