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CPEC win-win for Pakistan, China: PU VC
CPEC win-win for Pakistan, China: PU VC

LAHORE: (Thursday, November 29, 2018): Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre has organized a seminar on Pakistan’s Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Security Dynamics. Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Kuszewska, an expert on South Asia from Institute of Middle and Far East, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland delivered the keynote lecture. 

Addressing the seminar, PU VC Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmed underlined the significance of South Asian region in the global socio-economic prospects. He also highlighted the forthcoming benefits of CPEC for the nation as win-win model for both China and Pakistan. He said that our country should be well prepared in the field of education and technology to harness true fruits of the mega project. He said that through collaboration in the fields of education and research, universities of both countries could exchange students and faculty to enhance the mutual cooperation which would ultimately lead to augment people to people contact between the two friendly neighbouring countries.  Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Kuszewska analyzed in detail the most crucial aspects of contemporary security dynamics with special reference to Pakistan's foreign and domestic policy. She also shed light on the challenges and opportunities in this regard. She suggested that Pakistan should act as a smart power to balance relations between China and United States. She also signified the importance of cultural diplomacy which Pakistan should use for enhancing peaceful South Asia. “Unfortunately in the presence of Narindera Modi in Indian government, the prospects for peace between Pakistan and India are quite depleted. The dream of regional integration and cooperation is also shattering away,” she said. Discussing CPEC, she stated that Pakistan should be treated as partner under the CPEC and the underdeveloped areas of Pakistan like Balochistan and KPK were going to get major share of total benefits of the flagship project of one belt one road initiative. Pakistan Study Director Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla threw light about security dynamics of South Asia with special reference to relations between Pakistan and India. He specially emphasized the need for building soft image of Pakistan in the world. He said that Pakistan as a nation and its capacity was not inferior to any great power. He said that the security dilemma between Pakistan and India was conspiracy hatched by the British and especially by Lord Mountbatten. He said that the Kashmir dispute had also its roots in British conspiracy and the dispute must be resolved under the light of UN resolution. He said that the perpetual contention between the two nuclear neighbors was haunting the security paradigm of the whole region. He said that CPEC had brought bright prospects of benefits not only for Pakistan but also for whole region. Faculty and students of several departments and the Centre actively participated in the discussion.