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  • B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
  • M. Sc. Quality & Performance Management
  • M.S. Total Quality Management
  • M.S. Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Ph.D. Total Quality Management

  • Future Plans

  • M.S. Industrial Engineering
  • M.S. Health Safety and Environmental Management
  • M.S. Food Quality Management
  • M.S. Software Quality Management
  • M.S. Technology Management
  • M.S. Information Systems and Technology Management
  • M.S./B.S. in Leather Technology



    The University of the Punjab is the parent University of all universities of Pakistan. It has maintained its excellence in education, training and research in various fields of arts, social sciences, engineering and technology....>>

    Message from the Dean

    In this technology-drive ear, the socio-economic status of a country is directly or indirectly gauged by its potent engineering skills. Engineers are the builder of better world for mankind.....>>

    Message from the Director

    In order to meet challenges of globalization in the world’s economy and 21st century, in 2002 University of the Punjab decided to start a Quality Management Division to help the industry to produce goods and services which are acceptable all over the globe......>>

    To develop the Institute as centre of excellence by providing highest standards of education and research in the field of Quality Management and Industrial Engineering.
    We seek to provide the most efficient, cost effective and relevant education and research in the field of Quality Management and Industrial Engineering to satisfy the requirements of the private and public sector in the country.
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