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Admission Notices

Admission Notice For Undergraduate Degree Programs Academic Year 2019-20

The online admission form for academic year-2019-20 in the following Departments/Institutes/ Colleges/ Centers, available at: OR (for Online Admissions), (Online URL for PUCIT). (for IBIT)

Faculty of Arts & Humanities
College of Art & Design
B. Architecture (Morning)
BFA, Graphic Design (Morning & Replica)
BFA, Painting (Morning & Replica)
BFA, Textile Design (Morning)
Contact #. 99212729,  
Department of English
BS English (Morning)
Contact #. 99231168,
Department of French
BS French (Morning)
Contact #.  35293858,
Department of History & Pak. Studies
BS History (Morning)
Contact #. 99231170, 99233138
Department of Philosophy
BS Philosophy (Morning)
Contact #. 99230884, 99230298,
Faculty of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Institute of Communication Studies
BS Communication Studies  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99230518,
Institute of Social & Cultural Studies
BS Sociology  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99233126,
e-mail ,
Department of Gender Studies
BS Gender Studies (Morning & Replica)
Contact #. 99233124, 99233125
Department of Political Science
BS Political Science (Afternoon)
Contact #.99231229,
Department of Social Work
BS Social Work (Replica/Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231553
Faculty of Commerce
Hailey College of Commerce
B.Com (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 99230325, 99230327,
Hailey College of Banking & Finance
BBA (Hons) (Morning) with specialization
a) Banking & Finance
b) Insurance & Risk Management
Contact #.99213791-3,
Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences
Institute of Administrative Sciences
BS (4-Yrs) Management (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231164-5, 99231810-1,
Department of Economics
BS (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231167,
Institute of Business Administration
BBA (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 99231257, 99230842
Institute of Business & Information Technology
BBIT (Morning & Replica)
Contact #. 99230825-26 ,
Admission Link:
Admission Forms can be submitted online at the above mentioned link.
Faculty of Education
Institute of Education & Research
B.Ed Elementary (Hons) (Morning & Self Supporting)
BS.Ed  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231263,
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
B.Sc (Engineering) Programs
Regular Programs:
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering (with specialization in Petroleum & Gas Technology)
Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering & Management
Self  Supporting Programs
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering (with specialization in Petroleum & Gas Technology)
Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Faculty of Engineering & Technology will also advertise for admission of B.Sc. Engineering programs separately.
Contact #. 99231261, Fax: 99231159.
Faculty of LAW
University Law College
LL.B. 5-Years  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 99231275-76, 99231161,
Fax: 99231278 
Only those candidates will be eligible to apply who have
appeared in the Entry Test (LAT) conducted by HEC.

Faculty of Islamic Studies
Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre
BS (Morning)
Contact #.99231140,
Institute of Islamic Studies
BS (Specialization: Study of World Religions) (Self Supporting)
Contact #. 99231232, 
Faculty of Life Sciences
Centre for Clinical Psychology
BS Clinical Psychology (Morning)
Contact #. 99230533 
Institute of Applied Psychology
BS Applied Psychology (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231235,
Institute of Agricultural Sciences 
B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 99231846,
Institute of Biochemistry & Biotechnology
BS Biochemistry (Morning)
BS Biotechnology (Morning)
Contact #.99230355,
Department of Botany
BS Botany (Morning)
Contact #.99231152,
Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
BS Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Morning)
Contact #.35952811-22 
Department of Sports Sciences & Physical Education
BS Physical Education  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231746,
Department of Zoology
BS Zoology (Morning)
Contact #. 99231246
Faculty of Pharmacy
College of Pharmacy
Faculty of Pharmacy will advertise for admission of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D.) separately which is expected to be in early October, 2019.
For further information please Contact #. 042-99211616,
Faculty of Science
Centre for High Energy Physics
BS Computational Physics (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #.99231137,
College of Earth & Environmental Sciences
BS Environmental Sciences  (Morning & Self Supporting)
PGD Occupational Health & Safety (Evening, Self Supporting)
Contact #.99233121,
Fax No.99233120
College of Information Technology
BS Computer Science  (Morning & Self Supporting)
BS Software Engineering  (Morning & Self Supporting)
BS Information Technology  (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 99210885, 99212506, 99212240, 99212250
Ext.149, 161, 13
Candidates who are applying for online admission to a program at PUCIT and have appeared in entrance test, are required to fill in admission form using the following links:
College of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences
BS Statistics  (Regular & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 042-35962612-4  
Institute of Chemistry
BS (Morning)
Contact #.99230463, 99231269,
Institute of Geology
BS Applied Geology (Morning & Replica)
Contact #. 99230467, 99231267,
Department of Geography
BS Geography (Morning & Self Supporting/Replica)
Contact #.99230419,
Department of Mathematics
BS Mathematics (Morning)
Contact #.99231241 Ext. 108,
Department of Physics
BS Physics (Morning)
Contact #.99231243, 99230428, Ext.801,802 & 806
Department of Space Science
BS Space Science (Morning & Replica)
Contact #.99233107
Gujranwala Campus
BBA Hons Banking & Finance (Morning & Self Supporting)
BBA Hons (Morning & Self Supporting)
BS -IT (Morning & Self Supporting)
BS-CS (Morning & Self Supporting)
B.Com -Hons (Morning & Self Supporting)
LL.B. (5-Yrs) (Semester System) (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 055-9201225-6,
Fax: 055-9201223
Jhelum Campus
BS Management (Morning & Self Supporting)
BBA (Morning & Self Supporting)
B.Com (Morning & Self Supporting)
BS Computer Science (Morning & Self Supporting)
LL.B. (5-Yrs) (Semester System) (Morning & Self Supporting)
Contact #. 0321-7145364, 0332-8159859, 0333-4881545, 0321-6670524)
For general admission queries about programs, respective departments may be contacted through above mentioned contact numbers/e-mail addresses.  However, for online admission queries, contact numbers are given at the end of the advertisement

Eligibility for BS or Equivalent Regular Programs

The candidates holding F.A./F.Sc.. or equivalent qualification with at least 2nd division and age not more than 24 years are eligible for admission in the relevant programs. 3rd division holder candidate is not eligible for admission.
Pre-Admission Entry Test is mandatory for the admission against merit as well as reserved seats only in the Departments/Institutes/Centres/Colleges who have opted for the Entry Test

Eligibility for BS or Equivalent Self Supporting (Afternoon/Replica/Evening) Programs

Eligibility and basic criteria for admission in Self Supporting (Afternoon/Replica/Evening) programs of BS or equivalent will be the same as for morning programs. Entry Test conducted by some Departments for morning courses is also mandatory and applicable for Self Supporting (Afternoon/Replica/ Evening) programs. There is no age limit or session preference for Self Supporting (Afternoon/Replica/Evening) programs. Hostel accommodation facility shall not be provided to the students admitted under Self Supporting (Afternoon/Replica/Evening) Programs.
The admissions of BS Computer Science & Software Engineering shall be made on the basis of 70% academics and 30% entry test performance, while for College of Art & Design; the merit shall be made on the basis of 50% Academic & 50% Entry Test performance and interview. Testimonials (not necessarily attested) should be attached with the Application Form generated online before dispatching to respective department.  Incomplete forms shall not be entertained.

Basic Criteria of Late Sessions/Years for B.S. or equivalent Programs

2 marks will be deducted from percent academic marks for each late session to a maximum of previous five (5) sessions/years for male and female students.
Admission be made by the University Departments/Institutes/Centres/Colleges as per order of the Session/Year of preference mentioned below-
• 1st Late Session
1st Annual , 2018 & 2nd Annual, 2017
• 2nd Late Session
1st Annual , 2017 & 2nd Annual, 2016
• 3rd Late Session
1st Annual , 2016 & 2nd Annual, 2015
• 4th Late Session
1st Annual , 2015 & 2nd Annual, 2014
5th Late Session
1st Annual , 2014 & 2nd Annual, 2013

Admissions on Sports Seat

1% seats have been reserved for admission on Sports basis.  Only those applicants will be admitted on the sports basis who have qualified the sports trials and their names have been recommended by the Sports Admission Committee. No other candidates will be considered for admission on sports basis.

Admission on Reserved Seats

Nominations for admission from Baluchistan will be sent to the University by the Higher Education Department, Govt. of Baluchistan through the Higher Education Department Govt. of the Punjab.
Student nominations from Sindh (to be nominated by the respective Nomination Board).
Army reserved seats for Defense forces to be nominated by the GHQ, Rawalpindi.
Special persons (disabled persons) as per policy of the University of the Punjab.
Students having distinction in Co-curricular activities as per policy of the University of the Punjab.
Entry Test is not mandatory for the reserved seats of Sindh, Balochistan & Foreign students.

Admission for Foreign and Overseas Students

Applications from foreign candidates should be routed through his/her home country’s embassy and Pakistan Mission Abroad office (in case of overseas Pakistani). These applications should reach in the office of the Chairman Admission Committee, Centre for Undergraduate Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

How to Apply?

Online Filling of the Form
Online Admission Form is available for B.S or equivalent programs at or
The portal for online submission will remain open from Thursday, 05-09-2019 to Monday, 16-09-2019 at 9:00 pm) and all the candidates are required to fill & submit this form online till the given time.
Then, he/she has to take its print out and submit its hard copy (generated online) along with fee deposited challan of Rs.500/- per application/form for each program/department with all relevant documents etc., must reach through postal service/courier service to the concerned Department/ Institute/ Centre/College separately on or   before Friday, 20-09-2019 (5:00 pm).
Those candidates, who want to apply for admission against reserved seats, need to choose respective reserved quota category(s) in online form.
The challan amount may be deposited by the candidates in the following Habib Bank Limited (HBL) or United Bank Limited (UBL) accounts-
Habib Bank Account No. 0042-7900-0843-03, United Bank Account No. 2255-9255-1 (MCA)
For PUCIT: Deposit the challan amount in any branch of Habib Bank, Limited (HBL)
Account No. 00427991775503
Subject eligibility criteria of individual disciplines will be available online while filling the admission form and on the University website as well. The same will also be provided (through e-mail/ telephone only) by the concerned Department/Institute/ Centre/ College.
Admission form will be accepted by surface mail (By post) only. No form will be acceptable "by hand".
Incomplete application form in any respect will not be entertained.

Admission Schedule (Regular/Self Supporting/Evening/Replica) Programs

For Regular Programs
For Self Supporting/Replica Programs
First Merit list
24-09-2019 (9:00 am)
01-10-2019 (9:00 am)
Last date for deposit of dues
26-09-2019 till Bank time
03-10-2019 till Bank time
Second Merit list
27-09-2019 (9:00 am)
04-10-2019 (9:00 am)
Last date for deposit of dues
30-09-2019 till Bank time
07-10-2019 till Bank time
Third Merit list
01-10-2019 (9:00 am)
08-10-2019 (9:00 am)
Last date for deposit of dues
03-10-2019 till Bank time
10-10-2019 till bank time
Fourth & Final Merit list
(if any required )
04-10-2019 (9:00 am)
11-10-2019 (9:00 am)
Last date for deposit of dues
04-10-2019 till Bank time
11-10-2019 till bank time

Commencement of Classes:

Commencement of classes
Gujranwala Campus will follow the same schedule as that of Main Campus, Punjab University.
The Admission Office will remain open on Saturday during the admission days.
Due to limited accommodation facility, therefore the University is not bound to provide hostel accommodation to each and every admitted student. Limited accommodation shall be allotted on merit basis. Transport & Accommodation facility is not available for the students at Gujranwala/ Jhelum Campuses.


Merit lists for each subject/program for the year, 2019-20 will be uploaded at the University website according to above mentioned schedule. The online application or form for each program or department with all relevant documents, etc must reach through postal service or courier service to the concerned Departments, Institutes, Centers, Colleges, separately on or before Friday, 20-09-2019 till 5:00 pm.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Mazhar
Pro-Vice Chancellor / Chairman Admission Committee
Quaid-e-Azam (New) Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore. Ph. No. 99230259
For online admission queries, Helpline #. 0314-4044661, 0330-4063864, 0330-4063866, 0308-0467798, 0308-0467800, 03144044664, 03144044662, 03144044663
Note Help line will remain open from 08:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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