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PU CAD organizes seminar
PU CAD organizes seminar

LAHORE: (Saturday, January 27, 2024): Punjab University College of Art & Design’s Department of Graphic Design organized a seminar with an award-winning British-Pakistani Stained Glass Artist: Jamal e Mustafa. Mr Jamal was a student of Graphic Design at PU, in the 1990s, who has been living and practicing his art in the UK since 2004. In the last 20 years, his work has been acknowledged at all the big art platforms. Mr Jamal shared his experience with students and told the students about the technicalities of the field. Chairman Graphic Design Department Prof Dr Ahmad Bilal tells the students that the career of Jamal brought a message for all of us that any problem can be solved and solutions can be converted into sustainable businesses. The life and art of Jamal are exemplary for students to find their own path in the world of art, he added. Former Chairman Israr Chishti describes that every field of art is relevant and it's important to explore as many art forms as you can, particularly if you want to be a successful designer. Ms Aisha from University of Home Economics said that it is wonderful to listen to an internationally acclaimed Pakistani artist amongst us and his art brought us beautiful skill and symbolic imagery. The seminar was attended by faculty members and a large number of students.