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PU to facilitate link between Lahore Zoo and Zoological Society of London
PU to facilitate link between Lahore Zoo and Zoological Society of London

LAHORE: (Friday, January 29, 2016): Punjab University Department of Zoology Associate Prof Dr Zulfiqar Ali visited Zoological Society London (ZSL) in the extension of Transnational Education Programme of British Council. The ZSL will conduct training for zoo keepers in Pakistan and experts from University of Essex, Colchester Zoo, London Zoo, Cranfield University and University of Liverpool will impart training. Punjab Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, as representative of Punjab Government, chaired the preliminary meeting in London Zoo in which Nick Lindsay and Mark Habben from London Zoo, Muhammad Ali from British Council, Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Nasir from Cranfield University also participated. Dr Zulfiqar Ali said that training would be helpful in wildlife breeding program. He said that through training routine husbandry procedures, trainers and veterinary staff would be able to closely monitor the health of sick animals. These routine husbandry procedures were the key to healthy animals and a healthy, genetically diverse population, he added. Dr Zulfiqar said that the training would also help gain the foundation knowledge and skills for much needed captive animal management and was suitable for those already working with captive animals or those wishing to gain entry into this competitive area.