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General Guidelines for Referring a Student to Counseling Centre  

If you feel that there is any student who really needs Students counseling services, please consider the following:


We will provide you:
Counseling is most successful when the person is willing to attend. If a student is reluctant to seek counseling, it is best to "plant the seed" that counseling is one option. Most of the times people reconsider their options at a later time.
If students indicate that they are in extreme psychological distress during their initial consult they may be booked into an emergency session time slot or referred to doctors who are available at Health Centre for giving appropriate medication.
Due to client confidentiality we cannot provide information about a student that you have referred to SCAS unless written consent is provided by the student. It is almost always appropriate for you to check back with the student to see whether they have followed through on your recommendation. However, do respect the student's privacy should they not want to discuss
Sadia Shahzeb, Student Counselor, ADCP, MS (Clinical Psychology)
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