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What We Do?  

What is counseling?
Counseling is a process through which one person helps another by purposeful conversation in a supportive and understanding atmosphere. The activity is designed to aid self-exploration and understanding, so that you can become more consciously aware of what is happening in your life, and feel better able to face problems more objectively or with less anxiety and tensions. The focus of the counseling will vary according to each individual’s needs. Only when you and your counselor explicitly agree to enter into a counseling relationship does the facility become counseling.

Confidentiality of information is the utmost criteria of Student Counseling & Assessment Services. No information will be disclosed to any one outside the services without student’s consent except for some reasons e.g when the counselor feels that the client needs help from some external  agencies like medical practioner or in circumstances where client’s or other’s life is at serious risk .Consent to disclose information will always be sought from the client.


What we need from you

We need to have your University ID card with you when you visit us to confirm your student status. And if you are referred from your department a referral letter from your department is required.

  How to make an appointment
You can refer yourself for an appointment in two ways
  • In person- come into the office directly and take an appointment according to the available time.
  • By phone-call on #04299231256

How to find us & availability
The Student Counseling & Assesment Services Center is located at Health Centre PU room # 111 & 118.
The service is available throughout the calendar year on week days except on public holidays or when the university is closed.*

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