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PU lectures on European crisis, Ghadar Movement
PU lectures on European crisis, Ghadar Movement

LAHORE: (Tuesday, April 12, 2016): Punjab University Department of History and Pakistan Studies has organized two lectures on European crises and Ghadar movement. The first lecture, “Crisis in Europe: Threats, Challenges and Hopes” was delivered by Dr. Agnieszha Kuszewsha, Prof. of Political Science, University of Warsaw, Poland. In her keynote address, she said that European countries were facing problems of illegal refugees. She said some countries like Britain, Austria and Hungry are reluctant to accept more refugees. She also talked about problems of refugees and some organization which were working for the betterment of refugees. She concluded that there is great need to project positive image of Muslim all over the world. The second lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Taj Taigh Singh Anant, a historian from Canada. He had talked about Ghadar movement and Bhagat Singh. He shared his eye witness accounts of many events of freedom movement. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Chairman Department of History and Pakistan Studies said while concluding the session that there was great need to overcome phenomenon of clash of civilizations. Besides it, he said that struggle of marginalized section and ignored heroes of freedom movement must be brought in front of public.