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PU organizes lecture on Muslims’ perception in Europe
PU organizes lecture on Muslims’ perception in Europe

LAHORE: (Friday, April 15, 2016): Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre has organized a special lecture on the Perception of Pakistan in Europe in the Context of Contemporary Political and Security Challenges. Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Kuszewska, an expert on South Asia from University of Social Sciences, Poland delivered the keynote lecture. She spoke in details on the current challenges Europe has been facing due to influx of refugees. Tracing the roots and the consequences of the problem, highlighting the need and importance of resolving them.

Speaking on the impact of these problems on Europe, she said that it has given rise to the right wing extremism in the region and posing a great threat to the global and regional peace and security. She emphasized that media and the policy makers can play an important role in meeting these challenges. She said that the image perception plays an important role in international relations. But unfortunately due to several factors Pakistan's image abroad has been quite negative, she said, adding Pakistan has after been perceived as a terrorist state due to negative media reports. She recommended that more efforts relating in the cultural diplomacy can improve the situation. Sufi music had been popular in Europe and it can help in promoting Pakistan's soft image. She also discussed the impact of these problems on the perception of Pakistan in Europe and on the relations between Pakistan and the EU countries. Pakistan Addressing the ceremony, Pakistan Study Centre Director Dr. Massarrat Abid said that the relations between Pakistan and Europe have been of great significance. Both sides have been cooperating in areas of counter terrorism, trade, energy, human rights and democracy. She said that the problem of Pakistan's negative image needs to be dealt with urgently. Exchange of visits at parliamentary level, at academics and students would certainly be helpful in resolving the problems. Faculty and students of the Centre took active participation in the discussion.