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Earth Day Celebrations in Department of MicroBiology & Molecular Genetics
Earth Day Celebrations in Department of MicroBiology & Molecular Genetics

Role of our planet Earth is human life and progress is unparalleled. However, somewhere on the way, the human race lost its love for the planet, forgot to acknowledge it and used its resources ruthlessly. The world now celebrates the Earth Day on 22nd April to make human beings realize the importance of the Earth. Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. In 1970, a senator from Wisconsin, USA, Gaylord Nelson first conceived of this day. The senator was worried about rapid industrialization and careless attitude of everyone towards the environment. It was envisaged to promote the idea of ecology, to encourage respect for life on Earth, and highlight growing concerns about different kinds of pollution. Over 20 million Americans participated in events to mark the first Earth Day and today over a billion people from all over the globe celebrate Earth Day.  
Earth Day was celebrated in Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics on 22nd April, 2016. Creativity was at its peak; students were provided an opportunity to give their ideas to save earth in creative form. The students competed to express their views about “ HOW WE CAN SAVE EARTH AND HOW WE CAN BECOME FRIENDS OF EARTH” in the form of Drawing, Painting and Sketching. Participants from all the classes, gathered in the main lobby at 8:30am on 22nd April, where they made their master pieces till 1:30pm. Evaluation was done by Prof. Dr Anjum Nasim Sabri (Chairperson MMG), Prof. Dr. Sikander Sultan and Dr. Rida Batool. First position was awarded to the painting entitled as “Make Everyday the Earthday” made by Hafiza Jawairia Hashmi, Maria Ramzan and Huma Butt. Second position was secured by Fizza Munir on presenting the idea of “How to save earth”, and Anila Sadia (an internee from the Post Graduate College Samanabad, Lahore) got third position by making a painting on “We have only one earth”, 4th Position was given to painting on “Climate Change” made by Afifa from BS VI.