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Students of University of the Punjab are ready to play their part as peace agents
Students of University of the Punjab are ready to play their part as peace agents

LAHORE: (Wednesday, October 11, 2017): University of the Punjab (PU) in collaboration with Center for Health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) initiated the project “Inspiring the Future” on peace promotion.

The aim behind the project is to engage the professors and students to educate on the peace narrative through different healthy activities in the university premises as it is believed that the destiny of the nation is shaped within the four walls of the classrooms.

Orientation and planning session with faculty members were conducted in university of the Punjab. Further faculty members conducted peace sessions with students in their departments including Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Bootany, Zoology, Sociology, Management Sciences, Psychology, Gender Studies, Space Sciences, Social work, Punjabi, Pharmacy, CEMB, CAMP, Agriculture Sciences, Statistics, MMG and others. These sessions engaged students over the narrative of peace as it can be the effective tool to keep the students on the path of peace and tolerance.

In this connection, University of the Punjab in collaboration of Centre for health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) started series of 10 two-days training with students on peace promotion and will engage more than 250 students of different departments. The purpose behind this intervention is to sensitize the students on peace promotion and some social action to create Peace in University premises

For this purpose, two training sessions initiated at College of earth and Environmental Sciences (CEES), University of the Punjab. The motive of these trainings is to engage students in peace process through their consultation that they would effectively play their role in peace promotion through different activities. Prof. Dr Sajid Rasheed Ahmed, Principle CEES inaugurated these trainings also appreciated the efforts and said it’s a dire need of time to engage our students in peace promotion. He also motivated the students to play their part peace promotion in university as well as in society.