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IG Prisons urges PU faculty and students to play their role for prisoners’ reformation
IG Prisons urges PU faculty and students to play their role for prisoners’ reformation

LAHORE: (Monday, January 29, 2018): Prisons Chief Punjab Mirza Shahid Saleem Baig Monday urged the faculty and students of the Punjab University to play their vital role for the reformation of inmates and see the best quality food, modern technical training and proper medical cover being offered to prisoners across the province. Briefing the students of the Institute of Communication Studies of Punjab University during their study visit to Central Jail, Kotlakhpat here, IG welcoming the students said that on the special directive of the Chief Minister Punjab, six days a week chicken meat with filtered water is being served to nearly 51099 prisoners housed in different 41 jails throughout Punjab. He said that Food Technology Department of the Agriculture University has prepared the menu which he added is the best in whole of the South Asia. About the technical education, he said that convicts are being offered various short duration courses in collaboration with TEVTA besides other academic exams conducted by the different Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Educations and universities. He said that remissions are granted to successful convicts. Regarding medical facilities, he said the facility of modern X-Rays plants, ECG, lab tests, dental etc manned by 24-hours doctors including lady doctors with free medicines is available to all prisoners in all jails. He said that religious education is also being imparted to inmates according to their religion by qualified teachers. The students accompanied by Dr. Waqar Ch, Senior Faculty Member ICS were also taken to kitchen, store, hospital, interview shed and women block who were impressed the with quality of food, medical cover and state of cleanliness in and around the prisons. IG further briefed the students that only branded food products are being used in all three time a meal daily in all jails. Mirza Shahid Saleem Baig urged the students to convey their observations based on ground realities to all strata of the society that government is taking all possible solid measures for the welfare and reformation of the prisoners on modern scientific lines to make them law abiding citizens after their release. The female students were also taken to women block where they met with prisoners and were informed that special 6-beded ward has been established on donation for them maintaining their highest degree of privacy with the efforts of Senior Superintendent Jail, Ejaz Asghar. Deputy Inspector General of Prisons Punjab Lahore Range, Mubashar Ahmad Khan welcoming the students said that first time in South Asia; family wards have been established within the jail on the order of apex court where convict will live his spouse for one month. IG thanked the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr.Muhammad Zakaria Zakar for sending the first batch of students to jail on study visit on his personal request and hoped faculty of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Applied Psychology and Institute of Communication Studies will also visit shortly for reformation of prisoners.