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Pak-Turk friendship to deepen further: counselor
Pak-Turk friendship to deepen further: counselor

LAHORE: (Friday, March 13, 2020): Turkey’s cultural representative in Pakistan Ulas Ertas has said that Pakistan and Turkey enjoy deep friendly relations spanning over decades and both the countries are enhancing their relations culture, trade and other fields further. He was addressing a meeting at Punjab University Department of Urdu regarding Chairperson Prof Dr Zahid Munir Amir’s new book “Diyar-e-Mashq”. He said that the book brought people from both the countries together and it would be translated in Turkish language as well. Ankara University’s Professor Dr Asman Belan Ozjan, Turkish thinker Dr Khaleel Toor also lauded Prof Dr Amir for his creation and said that this was an emblem of Pak-Turk friendship.