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webinar on "Socialisation and Human Personality"
webinar on "Socialisation and Human Personality"

Institute of Applied Psychology organised a webinar on "Socialisation and Human Personality", on 9th July, 2021, chaired by Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafique, Director Institute of Applied Psychology. Farhat Abbas Shah is a renowned Psychologist, Philosopher and a Poet. He is a writer of more than 68 books, a remarkable contribution towards Urdu literature. Farhat Abbas Shah is currently working for different TV channels and radio. He is the founder of the FARZ Foundation, which is working for poor people in Pakistan on the basis of microfinance. The webinar was hosted by Mr Muhammad Ali. Mr. Farhat Abbas Shah's discussed the role socialisation plays in development of human personality. He highlighted the role of socialisation considering three perspectives i.e., psychological, philosophical and emotional perspective  Mr. Farhat Abbas Shah shared his poetry and experiences to discuss at length the topic under discussion. It was an interactive webinar followed by question answer session. Renowned senior clinical psychologists Dr Mohsina Nazir and Dr Tanveer also joined in the session to contribute through their 35 years of experience as clinical psychologists. The webinar was live streamed on the official facebook page of IAP.