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Social change a must to promote Punjabi language, Dr Shahid Munir
Social change a must to promote Punjabi language, Dr Shahid Munir

LAHORE: (Tuesday, January 30, 2024): Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission Prof Dr Shahid Munir said that for the promotion of Punjabi language, efforts should be made without waiting for government patronage. He said that it is important to change our social behavior to promote Punjabi language. He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of two-day international Punjabi conference on ‘Punjabi: as an Academic and Functional Language’ organized by Punjab University Institute of Punjabi & Cultural Studies in collaboration with Punjab Institute of Languages, Art & Culture Lahore at Sherani Hall, Old Campus. On this occasion, PU VC Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, Director PU Institute of Punjabi and Cultural Studies Prof Dr Nabila Rehman, Dr Jagmohan Sanga, Sardar Ajaib Singh Chhatha, Sardar Ajaib Singh Chatha senior journalist Mudassar Iqbal Butt, former Chairman PHEC Prof Dr Nizamuddin, faculty members, students, Sikhs and other Punjabi experts from Canada, America, England and Turkiye were present.

In his address, Prof Dr Shahid Munir said that Punjab is a different region in the world in which there are green and waving fields here, but unfortunately, people are suffering from poverty. He said that the development of Punjab is associated with the harmony of modern technology of industries. He said that instead of establishing new institutions, the efficiency of already established institutions should be increased. He said that we should be proud of the Punjabi language. He said that land can be divided but culture cannot be changed. Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood said that it becomes easy to understand any difficult matter in mother language and we should not feel inferior for speaking Punjabi language. He said that English is not spoken in any official meeting in China and Iran and developed nations promote their language to show that they are not victims of any mental slavery.
Dr Jagmohan Singh said that Punjabis are believed and respected in Canada. He said that Punjabis are members of the parliament in Canada and hold important government positions. He said that Punjabis progress in any country by working hard and there are many Punjabi language organizations in Canada. He said that Pakistani and Indian Punjabis jointly organize various activities together. Dr Nabila Rehman said that languages are intermingling with each other. She said that Punjab has been a land of skills and talent for centuries. She said that it is unfortunate that even though the soil of Punjab is fertile, agricultural commodities worth billions of dollars were being imported. She said that Punjab had been the most literate region. She said that every city and town of Punjab has its own identity and its own livelihood. She said that there is a need for an education system that teaches moral values. Mudassir Iqbal Butt said that the topic of the conference is the need of the hour. He said that practical efforts are now needed for the promotion of Punjabi language. He said that Punjabi language should be made the language of education. He said that local languages are taught in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that Punjabi should be made compulsory from 1st to 5th grade. He said that the teachings of Punjabi Sufis play a role in creating a good person.
Sardar Ajaib Singh Chatha said that the aim of teaching moral values should be to create the best human beings and with education. Dr Nizamuddin said that Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese teach in their own languages. He said that for the promotion of mother tongue and national language, there is a need to promote the field of translation. Later, souvenirs were distributed among the guests. The conference will continue on Wednesday (today) as well.